Kuan-Hung (Hank) Chen

I am an engineer at Google Silicon. I am based in Taipei, Taiwan. I work on ISP system architecture and modeling for Google Tensor.

Prior to joining Google, I completed my M.Sc. from the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). During the time at NTHU, I was advised by Prof. Min Sun in the Vision Science Lab, where I focused on computer vision and machine learning. I had been working on the following problems:

One of my personal hobbies is competitive programming, which I started to enjoy roughly since December 2021. I mostly participate in contests on codeforces and atcoder. For other platforms, if the handle "kuanc" exists then that is probably me. I sometimes maintain my code snippets for common algorithms and data structures (yes, in Python). Also, I once helped to contribute some solutions to USACO Guide.

In general, I am happy to connect with people. I would love to talk to you about productivity, time management, language learning, career, etc. I can be reached at k@kuanhungchen.com, LinkedIn or this anonymous form.